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Restoring Your Gutter System

If your gutter system fails, water can spill over the gutters, landing on passersby and pooling around the foundation of your home or business. As a result, the damage might be done to the structure, surrounding landscape, and water may infiltrate. Detroit Roofers provides reliable gutter repair services in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

You can schedule a gutter system repair with us if you are experiencing problems with your gutters.

Gutter Repair in Detroit Michigan

For local businesses, we provide expert gutter repairs. Among the gutter materials we repair are wood gutters, galvanized gutters, seamless metal gutters, PVC gutters, and more. In order to determine the cause of the problem, we thoroughly inspect your gutter system and provide fast and efficient repairs.

Our technicians provide repair services that include:

  • Nailing loose gutters
  • Replacing damaged components
  • Fixing leaks in joints
  • Inspecting for pitch problems
  • Checking for clogs in the gutters or drainage system
  • Downspout repair
  • Gutter re-leveling

Our experienced technicians can handle virtually any gutter problem. We can also refurbish your existing gutters so that you don’t need to replace them. In some cases, gutters are too old or damaged to be repaired. In this case, we can explain the problem and provide an estimate for a new gutter installation.

Here are some common problems with rain gutters

Rain gutters have one simple function: They direct rainwater off of roofs and away from foundations. Especially in places like Detroit, MI, where the weather is among the wettest in the nation all year round.

Even though gutters may seem simple to install, there are plenty of issues that can make the job significantly more difficult, such as:


Almost any material can cause a clog: tree leaves, pine needles, insects, waste, or even dead rodents and birds. When the clog builds up, it can put weight and pressure on your gutters and roof, which may cause structural damage and cracks.


Several factors can cause a gutter to leak, including normal wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or loose fasteners. In a gutter with a leak, water cannot flow effectively to the downspout.

Joint Separation

Several pieces connect to form a gutter. Due to clogs and high weather conditions, the system’s parts may come apart when there is too much weight on it. This is an issue that can’t be solved with glue or caulk.

Downspout Alignment

The downspout serves as the exit point for all water that travels through a rain gutter. The downspout may drain water too close to the house if it doesn’t have the right angle or position, defeating the purpose of a rain gutter.

Ice Dams

Homes in places where it freezes, such as Detroit, MI, suffer from ice-forming gutters when melted snow drips into them. The extra weight from this can cause the gutter to detach from the house, damage the roof, or even put an upstairs attic at risk.

Bad Sloping

In order to ensure proper drainage, a rain gutter needs to be angled precisely downward. It will pool and stay in the gutter if it is too level. A steep downspout may cause water to overflow and collect on the ground.


When your gutter system is clogged with debris, it can weigh down and cause pressure on the system.

Expert Repairs When You Need Us

Detroit Roofers is dedicated to meeting your gutter repair needs in Detroit. After hours and on weekends, we are available to answer your call when you have an urgent problem that cannot wait. Don’t let gutter problems damage your property. We’re ready to help!

Call us for all your gutter repair needs, whether residential or commercial.

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The occurrence of a gutter issue is never convenient, but us roofing contractors are here to help, regardless of the size of the problem.