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Adding quality roofing to your property can increase its value, add style, and protect it against the elements. Due to Detroit’s significant snowfall and rain, buildings require strong, reliable roofs. Detroit Roofers professionals specialize in metal roofing, which provides strength, beauty, and security. 

Commercial and agricultural buildings have become popular with metal roofs due to their practicality. In the 1990s, metal roofing materials were adapted for residential use, offering a variety of stylish options and appealing benefits. Detroit Roofers provides quality metal roof installation, maintenance, and repair. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Metal roofing has many advantages

The demand for Metal Roofing Services has increased as Detroit residents have become increasingly concerned about property maintenance costs, extreme climates, and environmental concerns. Benefits of professionally installed metal roofing include:

Cost-effective. While metal roofs are more expensive, they last longer than asphalt roofing. Most materials last for 20 years while metal systems can last up to 70 years.

Environmentally friendly. When a metal roofing manufacturer creates a new product, they typically use 25% to 95% recycled materials. Because metal roofs are 100% recyclable, they are rarely disposed of in landfills. Contractors can also re-seal roofs to extend their life and prevent them from having to be replaced.

Energy-efficient product. Metal roofs can reduce energy costs, say experts at A metal roof system can reduce energy costs by as much as 40% in the summer and 15% in the winter, according to studies. 

It is both fire- and impact-resistant. The fire resistance of metal roofs is excellent. The roofs will not catch fire even if nearby fires erupt and embers fall on them. This material can withstand strong winds as well as hail. Animals and insects do not harm it.

Maintenance is minimal. Metal roofs don’t need much maintenance. Owners should keep surfaces in good condition by regularly cleaning them, but they also need to have their roofs inspected for proper drainage. Experts from HGTV claim that these surfaces shed debris such as pine needles easily, making them suitable for wooded properties.

This is an attractive design. There are many different colors and styles of metal roofs, so there is something for everyone. They can even mimic other materials. 

Various types of metal roofing

Seam panels, corrugated metal, and metal shingles are three types of residential metal roofing. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, each type is installed by our experts. By correctly installing metal roofs, you ensure their polished appearance, optimum weather protection, and durability.

Corrugated Metal Roofs. There has been a growing trend in urban areas to build roofs from flat corrugated metal panels.

Standing Seam Panel. Standing seam panels have raised seams and are made of metal sheets. Joints are sealed together by overlapping edges and locking them together. The standing seam roof is one of the oldest types of roof in the industry, and its installers need specialized training.

Metal Shingles. Metal shingles are produced by many manufacturers that look like traditional shingles. There are many types of shingles, such as clay, cedar, slate, and wood, as well as painted versions. 

Professional Metal Roof Installation

Installing metal roofing requires highly qualified craftsmen in order to reap its full benefits. Installers who are qualified and experienced install a variety of metal systems. Detroit Roofers specializes in metal roofing, trim, gutters, and coping. A roofing professional can help plan and design a new construction roof, and install it according to their specifications. Also, customers who are re-roofing their homes can get custom roofing solutions from experts.

Our products are industry-leading. An experienced project manager oversees all projects, ensuring quality assurance and warranty compliance.

A Full-Service Metal Roofing Company in Detroit

Metal roof companies in Detroit can provide maintenance services for the roofs they install. These services include inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Emergency storm damage repairs are also available. Being a member of the community for many years, the business has excellent references from previous clients. Detroit Roofers provides comprehensive roofing services in and around Detroit. We specialize in metal roofing and have experience with all types of roofing. We offer expert installations, maintenance, and repairs. To meet our customers’ expectations, our team strives for excellence. 

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Our metal roofing company in Detroit, MI installs, maintains, and repairs metal roofs. Let us exceed your expectations.