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home with steel roofingDetroit Roofers knows steel roofing has a lot of the same benefits as other types of metal roofing. It lasts a long time, is good for the environment, and is cheap. But it also has a zinc coating that makes it stronger and gives it an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

What is Steel Roofing?

Giant rolls are used to make steel roofing. It is then covered with zinc or a mixture of zinc and aluminum to keep it from rusting. It comes in different thicknesses that you can use for different things based on your needs.

Steel uses little energy, can be recycled (and may already have been recycled by the time it gets to you), and is light. It’s affordable in part because it’s easy to put together. It is also easy to change, so you can make it appear like many other types of roofing.

Types of Steel Roof Coatings

A steel roof has two kinds of coatings:

Galvanized steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc to make it more corrosion-resistant. Depending on how it will be used, it can be coated in different ways.

Galvalume is a trademarked product that is made of an aluminum-zinc alloy and is slightly more protective than galvanized steel. It lasts longer and is a common way to keep things from getting rusty or corroded.

Steel Roof Advantages

Steel roofing has almost too many benefits to list. It is good for the environment, saves money, and is easy to maintain, just like other metal roofing systems. But it does have some other special benefits.

Fire Resistant

Steel roofs are less likely to catch fire than other types of metal roofs. It can stop a fire from spreading and keep sparks from starting in your home. It has the highest non-combustible rating, Class A, so you can be sure that a steel roof is the safest choice for your home.

100% Recyclable

Steel roofing can be recycled in the same way as other metal roofs. It won’t end up in a landfill, and because it’s so light, it’s much cheaper to ship and put on a roof than other materials. You might also like the fact that it can be put on top of your old roof, so you won’t have to pay to have it hauled away.

Cost Effective

Steel roofing is a very cheap option. In the summer and winter, it can save you money on your heating and cooling bills by blocking the sun and keeping the heat inside. It keeps your home at a good temperature so that your systems don’t have to work as hard.

Easy to Clean

Steel doesn’t let algae and other bacteria grow on it. A good rainstorm can clean your steel roof for you, and in the winter, snow will slide off instead of adding weight and pressure to your home’s frame.


Steel roofs usually last 50 years or more, so you’ll be able to enjoy all of these other benefits for as long as you own your home. Also, it will make your house look better and make it worth more when you sell it.

Maintenance of Steel Roofing

Like other kinds of metal roofing, steel doesn’t need much care. It’s important to keep it clean and make sure it doesn’t touch low-hanging branches or other metals. Even without that much care, your steel roof should last for a long time.

Cost of Steel Roof

There are many reasons why a steel roof doesn’t cost too much. Steel is one of the metal roofing materials that costs the least. It’s light and easy for a company that makes steel roofs to move. It takes less work to install a steel roof, and it can be put on top of your old roof to save you money on tear-off.

Misconceptions about Steel Roofs

People often think that steel roofs are noisy. In fact, steel roofing is no noisier than any other type of roof during a storm when it is installed and insulated properly by steel roofing contractors.

A lot of people worry that lightning will strike their steel roofs. Lightning goes to the highest point in the area, so a home with a steel roof is no more likely to get hit by lightning than any other home. Because steel can get rid of electricity, it is much safer to live in a house with a steel roof than in a house with any other type of roof.

If you’re looking for steel roof repair or steel roof replacement, you can’t beat the benefits or the price. Detroit Roofers is a steel roofing company in your area. We can give you a free estimate and help you figure out the best way to fix your roof.

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Vincent Welch
Vincent Welch
During the lockdown, we chose to get a new roof and gutters. We went with Detroit Roofers, even though their quote was a bit higher, because they were really clear about the materials and the high standard of work they promised. Totally worth it and we're really happy with the result. Just last week, during a huge rainstorm, we noticed a leak from one of the gutters. We got in touch with them, and David from their team came by today. He's awesome, really cares about his work and the reputation of Detroit Roofers. We've recommended them before and we'll do it again – top-notch quality all the way.
Erica Porter Porter
Erica Porter Porter
The owners are really approachable and know their stuff. Everything went super smoothly, and they were cool with fixing our roof while we were away, which was a huge help. Really enjoyed dealing with them. They're quick, do a great job, and it's awesome that they're a local family-run business. Definitely recommend them.
Don Maccalister
Don Maccalister
We reached out to several roofing companies for quotes, but Detroit Roofers was the only one that got back to us quickly. We really valued their clear communication and the quality of their work. I'd definitely suggest them for any roofing projects. Plus, they completed our job sooner than expected.
Dominique Gilmore
Dominique Gilmore
Detroit Roofers just came by to give us an estimate after a branch made a hole in our roof. David showed up a bit early, super professional, and said he'd give us a couple of options to consider. But what really impressed me was that he went the extra mile by finding some temporary materials in his truck to cover the hole better than our makeshift trash bag solution. This kind of effort has us leaning towards choosing them, no matter the cost. It's clear they value quality, and that's the kind of service that earns loyalty.
Exclusive Duo
Exclusive Duo
Our office got a new roof by Detroit Roofers and we're all impressed. It’s no longer leaking all over the place and it’s a safer work environment. Their commercial roofing service is solid and professional. Highly recommended!
I was dreading the whole roof repair process, but Detroit Roofers made it so easy. Really glad I chose them. After getting a few quotes, went with Detroit Roofers for our asphalt roofing repair. Best decision ever. The roof looks fantastic.
D Raven
D Raven
Excellent service, very professional. Needed a new roof and went with Detroit Roofers. Best decision ever! They were on time, friendly, and my new roof looks great.
Brittani Dade
Brittani Dade
I had a leak and called Detroit Roofers for a repair. They fixed it so fast and were really nice about it too. I highly recommend them!