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When we’re not roofing Campus Martius Park, we like to hang out there. It’s a lot to do, from concerts, to the beach and weekend events and more. Roofing Campus Martius Park is our main objective, but there is a lot to appreciate. The park is four blocks south of Grand Circus Park. It is at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Michigan Avenue. That is only one of the many factors contributing to Detroit Roofers‘ pride in their reputation for being the best at roofing Campus Martius Park. The first park was several acres big and was a popular place for people to meet. In the 1900s, the park was taken away when the city’s downtown was changed to make room for more cars. Hart Plaza, which is on the riverfront, was made to take the place of Campus Martius as a major spot. But since Hart Plaza is mostly made of hard surfaces, many people started to complain that the downtown area of the city didn’t have any real parks. This made people want to rebuild Campus Martius, where the Michigan Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument from the Civil War is. Campus Martius is across the street from the new Compuware Headquarters.

The point where the coordinate system for Detroit starts is also in the park. Seven Mile Road is seven miles north of this point, Eight Mile Road is eight miles north, and so on. A medallion set into the stone path shows where the journey began. It’s in the western corner of the diamond around the Woodward Fountain, right in front of the park’s snack bar.

The new Campus Martius Park opened on November 19, 2004. It has two performance stages, sculptures, public spaces, and an ice skating rink that is only open during the winter. At 1.2 acres, the park is smaller than its predecessor. This is because several buildings would have had to be torn down in order to fully restore the original park. But the city added more park space to the area by building Cadillac Square Park, which opened in the summer of 2007. It is right next to Campus Martius and to the east. The skating rink in the park is made to look like the one in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, but it is bigger. Magic Ice USA, Inc. has run the rink since it first opened. Campus Martius Park is where the annual Motown Winter Blast is held, which brings more than 450,000 people to the downtown area every year. It is also where the city’s annual Christmas tree lighting party is held every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Thousands of people come to hear Christmas music and count down to the lighting of the city’s official Christmas tree and other decorations to mark the start of the holiday season. We have a lot of fun roofing Campus Martius Park.

We also go to the Charles H Wright Museum when we are in Detroit.

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