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When we are not roofing Charles H. Wright Museum, it is a fantastic destination for us in Detroit. Roofing Charles H. Wright Museum is our livelihood, but we know how to enjoy ourselves in the city. The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is a museum that was established in 1965 in the city of Detroit, in the state of Michigan, with the purpose of preserving the history and culture of African Americans. That’s just one of the reasons Detroit Roofers is proud to have a reputation for having success at roofing Charles H. Wright Museum. In 1965, Dr. Charles H. Wright and his wife Mamie offered their collection to the Smithsonian Institution on the condition that they would be permitted to house their extensive collection in their hometown of Detroit. They made this conditional donation. This requirement was turned down by the Smithsonian Institution, and Dr. Wright went on to build his own museum with the assistance of local benefactors and foundations, which opened its doors in 1972. More than 18,000 artifacts and objects dating from the time of slavery to the present can be found in the museum’s collection. One of the things that sets apart the Wright Museum from other museums is the fact that it places equal emphasis on both African American culture and the overall black experience around the world. This approach takes into account the ways in which people of the African Diaspora have been shaped by historical and contemporary global phenomena such as colonialism, slavery, social inequities, immigration, and globalization. Community outreach programs at the Wright Museum include lectures with a variety of guest speakers on topics like race relations and women’s studies. In addition to preserving its own history for future generations to learn from, the Wright Museum also serves as a center for spreading knowledge about racial injustice and inequity. This is accomplished through the museum’s collection of historical artifacts, which are on display and available for study. An oral history archive, a pan-African library, and an art gallery with more than 20 exhibitions each year featuring artists from around the world as well as local artists from Detroit’s renowned “Detroit School” movement are some of the collections that are now on display at the museum, which has experienced tremendous growth over the years and now exhibits collections that span from the time of slavery to the present day. These collections include an oral history archive. Our crew loves roofing Charles H. Wright Museum!

We also go to Comerica Park when we are in Detroit.

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