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The neighborhood of East English Village is in Detroit, Michigan. East side of Detroit, between Harper Avenue and East Outer Drive on the north, Mack Avenue and Cadieux Road on the west, and East Outer Drive and Mack Avenue on the south. It was built up for the first time in 1913, but most of the homes were built from the early 1930s to 1950.

In 1928, work on the building began. By 1925, most of the land had been split up into lots for people to live on. The building of homes didn’t really pick up speed until 1928, and most of it happened in the early 1930s. The owners, not the developers, hired the builders. This made the new homeowners the architects and gave them the chance to make their homes just the way they wanted them. This is why each house is different from the rest.

Most of the people who moved here to build homes were professionals. People like police officers, government workers, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen, especially those in the auto industry, moved to the area known as East English Village.

The building stopped in 1950. Around 2100 families settled in the neighborhood, and most homes only changed hands a few times. Many people who have lived in East English Village have done so for their whole lives.

In 2006, Marisol Bello of the Detroit Free Press said that East English Village was “one of the most stable” neighborhoods in Detroit.

In 2006, the community fought for a grant to help it get back on its feet.

In 2011, the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) bought foreclosed homes in East English Village with money from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Before the end of the year, a tour of these homes was given.

Grosse Pointe is to the north of East English Village. Bungalows, Cape Cod houses, colonial houses, and Tudor houses are all types of homes. In 1999, The Detroit News said that East English Village had “emerged as one of Detroit’s most desirable neighborhoods” because the houses were so cheap.

The people who live there go to Detroit Public Schools. The building that is now East English Village Preparatory Academy used to be Finney High School. In 2012, the school opened. We also enjoy roofing Eastern Market Detroit when we are in Detroit.

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