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Spindler Park is a park that can be found in Eastpointe, Michigan. When we aren’t roofing Eastpointe Spindler Park, we like to bring the family here. It is a park that preserves nature and also gives opportunities for outdoor leisure. The Eastpointe Parks Department is responsible for the upkeep and we’re responsible for roofing Eastpointe Spindler Park, which provides open areas that are accessible to the general public and serves as a public place.

You can get in touch with Parks if you have any inquiries about: making reservations for park amenities
Calendar of special events taking place in Eastpointe Park
Facilities for athletic competition and training, as well as other sports facilities
Permission to park at Eastpointe Park
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Spindler Park is an extremely well-kept, secure, and beautiful park that features three pavilions, a jungle gym for children, a soccer field, a sledding/climbing hill, tennis courts, horseshoe courts, shuffleboard, and disc golf courses. The park also has a sledding/climbing hill. In the winter, they have port-a-potties instead of bathrooms, but in the summer they have facilities. A walking path that is about a quarter of a mile long is available for you and your dog, provided that the dog is leashed (I think). There is a large number of picnic tables, shade, and water fountains located near the restrooms. In general, a wonderful and secure park in which to spend some time outside in the fresh air. On the right-hand side of Stevens Avenue in EastPointe, just before the intersection with Interstate 94, you’ll find Spindler Park. Even though it does not have as many amenities as other parks in the area, such as Kennedy Park, this park is still a wonderful addition to the community. During the hunting season, I come here to gather acorns for the local deer, as I mentioned in the images that I shared. In the warmer months, this location plays host to a plethora of activities. The previous summer, members of my Cub Scout Pack 1909 were required to camp here. I had a great sense of safety and security, and there was even an indoor restroom that we could use. In addition, they have a nice pavilion that is equipped with electricity for those who wish to have family gatherings or picnics here. There is also a good little walking route, and if my memory serves me correctly, there are large hills that may be used for sledding during the winter months. In addition, there is a small play area for children to enjoy. A pleasant location in which to stroll your dog and unwind at. When we’re not roofing Eastpointe Spindler Park.

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