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After long days of roofing Grosse Pointe Equestrian, it is a top equestrian facility located at 655 Cook Rd, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236. It is in the middle of Michigan’s Grosse Pointes.
We enjoy roofing Grosse Pointe Equestrian but when we aren’t, it is in the suburb of Grosse Pointe, Michigan and a favorite place of ours to visit. It is close to I-94 and about an hour from the Dressage at Waterloo showgrounds. We offer excellent dressage and jumping. Since it was bought in 2017, the Grosse Pointe Equestrian has been updated and expanded in many ways. GPE has a 50-stall barn, 23 paddocks, 2 indoor arenas, 3 outdoor arenas, and 2 full-size dressage arenas. All of the arenas have GGT footing. Event facilities are also available. When we aren’t roofing Grosse Pointe Equestrian, they offers full-service boarding, professional training, and an excellent lesson program for both boarders and people who don’t live there. The lessons are in dressage and jumping, and they are open to both boarders and people who don’t live there. Grosse Pointe Equestrian, which used to be called the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club, was known as a top place to ride horses in the Detroit area and throughout the state for more than 100 years. The club started out as a foxhunting club, but over the years, people have become more interested in other equestrian activities, like riding for fun and jumping in competitions. So, the facilities changed and grew to include a full-service barn, stables, and a staff of professional riders. Soon, riders who had been trained by GPHC were taking home trophies all over the Midwest. And by 1916, with both indoor and outdoor show rings, the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club was putting on well-known horse shows that riders and people from all over came to watch.
As of September 1, 2017, they changed their name to Grosse Pointe Equestrian, which is an exciting new chapter in their history. The historic property is now a private boarding, training, and lesson center for jumping and dressage horses. 

Since the new owners took over, there have been a lot of changes and improvements, such as new fencing and the addition of indoor and outdoor dressage arenas. With a recently refinished indoor jump arena and a large outdoor jump arena, riders have plenty of space to move around. With the addition of new paddocks, horses have plenty of time to run around. All horse lovers are welcome after roofing Grosse Pointe Equestrian, which is open to the public.

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