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The neighborhood of Mexicantown is in the southwest of Detroit, Michigan.

In the 1920s, Mexican people in Detroit started moving to Mexicantown. On Vernor Street, a group of Mexican people settled down. The first name for the town was “La Bagley.” In 1969, the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Redeemer began to hold weekly masses in Spanish. At one point, the building that used to be called the Lithuanian Hall was called the Hispanos Unidos Hall. In the 1970s and 1980s, there were waves of immigration, which made the community bigger. As part of a PR campaign in the late 1980s, the neighborhood was given the name “Mexicantown.” In the 1990s, a lot more Mexicans moved to Detroit because of a wave of immigration from Mexico. During one time period, about 2,000 people moved to Mexicantown for the season, while the number of people living in Detroit as a whole went down. In 2005, The New York Times’ Benedict Carey said that Mexicantown was “on the rise.”

Ford Motor Company said in December 2012 that it would open the Ford Resource and Engagement Center in the Mexicantown Mercado building and spend $10 million to run it. The building was closed before the Ford Center opened.

The area is in the Detroit school district, and Western International High School serves the area.

Middle and elementary schools:

Elementary and Middle School Amelia Earhart
There are campuses of the Cesar Chavez Academy charter school in the area.

Holy Redeemer School, a grade school, and Detroit Cristo Rey High School, which is on the site of the old Holy Redeemer High School, are the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit schools in the area.

The Bowen Branch of the Detroit Public Library is in Mexicantown. It got its name from Herbert Bowen, who was a member of the Detroit Library Commission. On December 28, 1912, it opened.

Bagley Street and Vernor Street are the main ways to get around. Some people say it starts at the old train station and goes all the way to Clark Park. Others are very adamant that it must include Clark Park. People spread it all the way to Livernois, which is a long way. As of 2011, there are a lot of restaurants for people from the suburbs at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Vernor. We also enjoy roofing Midtown Detroit whenever we can.

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