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Given the importance of having a roof over your head, it is an honour for us to serve the communities of Redford and the surrounding regions. You may trust our experts to handle any work because we have more than 20 years of experience. DetRoofers is an expert in residential and commercial roof repair in Metro Detroit, with a concentration on Redford and the surrounding areas. You can count on us to provide total protection against all weather conditions so you may have complete peace of mind. We offer top-notch labour at a competitive price with round-the-clock emergency support, regardless of the type of roof or project you need completed. We are dedicated to providing customers with specialised expertise and individual excellence in every facet of their business relationship by delivering the best calibre work at a fair price. Before signing contracts or beginning projects with us, we provide free estimates so that our clients may understand exactly what they will pay. To learn more about how we can assist you with rebuilding your home, call us right away! 

Why do you need Roofing Services?

Every house needs a roof because it protects the interior from environmental hazards. By lowering water vapour, providing better insulation in the winter and summer, and aiding in the defence against unauthorised intruders who can enter through other areas of the house, a roof also enhances the quality of the indoor air. Our company specialises in developing and installing roofing systems that improve the appearance of your home, in addition to offering a number of solutions to match your demands. Every building needs a roof because it protects residents from weather hazards like rain, snow, heat waves, and cold snaps. By lowering water vapour levels and offering better insulation in the winter and summer, roofs also enhance the quality of indoor air. By doing this, you can stop unauthorised visitors from entering other rooms of your home.

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Roof Installation Redford, MI

A lot of labour is needed to install a roof and ensure that it is adequately protected from the elements. Installation calls for particular supplies such felt paper, shingles, and nails. In order to get the right number of materials for a flawless fit, the first stage in a roof installation is to measure the width and length of your roof. All materials should be cut to size after measuring the roof’s specifications. Then their location on the roof should be marked with chalk for ease. Before nailing on the tiles, the next stage in this procedure should be to spread a foundation layer of feeling paper. The top course of felt paper must be applied at the end of the process, and shingles must be applied on top of it. Finally, nails must be driven into the top layer at an angle toward the ground to keep them from coming out in bad weather. Contact us right away for a free estimate!

Roof Repair Redford, MI

A roof can be expensive and time-consuming to install. One of your home’s most crucial components is your roof, therefore it’s crucial to keep it in good condition to safeguard your possessions and fend off any hazards. Hail, wind, rain, and sun exposure are some weather-related concerns that can swiftly cause rot or decay on roofs. There is also an immediate risk of water damage if you discover a leak in your roof, which could ruin numerous things including insulation, electrical wiring, or even furniture. Roof repairs are necessary if there are any leaks in the ceiling or on the exterior wall, where water can enter through small gaps in the shingles and clogs; if there are any rotting wood rafters; if there are any torn shingles around chimneys or vents; if there are any broken skylights; if there are any loose tiles on flat roofs; if there are any warped boards over entryways from snow accumulation; if there are any caving peaks Furthermore, as was already mentioned, these issues will only worsen over time, therefore it’s critical to address them immediately! If you have any inquiries concerning roof repair or would like a quote, kindly get in touch with us right away.

Roof Replacement Redford, MI

When a roof has run out of useful life and needs to be replaced, roof replacement is required. Some telltale symptoms that a roof needs to be replaced include missing shingles or tiles, leaks in your walls or ceiling, and holes where two roof boards meet with water flowing through them. If you see any of these issues, you probably need a new roof. Because all of your possessions frequently need to be removed from the home while the roof is being repaired, roof replacements may take some time. If you don’t first conduct any investigation, this strategy could potentially be expensive. Use of tarps to shield from the elements while the trash is being removed is one such cost-effective strategy that can help decrease the quantity of rubbish that is left behind once the operation is complete. If you need a reliable roof repair company in Redford, Michigan, please call (313) 631-1760.

Gutter Repair and Installation Redford, MI 

Rainwater is mechanically transferred from a roof’s edge to a downspout and then through a gutter to the ground. Galvanized steel or aluminium are frequently used in gutter construction. If gutters are not consistently cleaned and maintained, leaves, grime, bird droppings, and other debris that precipitation will wash past may accumulate in the gutters. As a result, the gutters may eventually clog, enabling water to pour into the house through open windows and doors.
To safeguard your property’s walls and foundation, the gutter is built onto the roof. Even though the gutters should be replaced every ten years, they are regularly cleaned. Depending on the material you select, the price to install gutters can change. To collect rainwater and safeguard your home’s walls and foundation, gutter systems are put on rooftops. Before they need to be changed, they can endure for ten years, however cleaning will still be required sometimes. Depending on the installation supplies used, this process could cost anywhere between $200 and $900.
Our Redford, MI team provides a wide range of gutter installation services as well as thorough gutter cleanings throughout the year. We have a committed crew ready to take on any work, big or small, so you can relax knowing we’ve got it covered. Get in touch with us right away!

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Redford, a two square mile neighbourhood of Detroit, Michigan, is bordered to the east by Livonia and to the south by Dearborn. Ranch-style and older Victorian-style homes make up the residential neighbourhoods that are the city’s claim to fame. Due to its closeness to Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport, the neighbourhood has recently seen a boom in new construction projects. There are several small businesses in Redford, including grocery stores, restaurants (particularly in Greek Town), clinics, and other retail companies. At Langley Park, locals take advantage of features like fishing piers, an outdoor pool, and tennis courts.

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