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After a long day of roofing Windmill Pointe Park is an active park in Grosse Pointe Park that we like to have fun at. It is at the corner of Barrington and Windmill Pointe Drive, at 14920 Windmill Pointe Dr, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230. This is where most programs for fun and relaxation start and take place. Even though we enjoy roofing Windmill Pointe Park, there is an olympic-size swimming pool, a wading pool, a bathhouse, a marina, a fishing pier, a privately run concession stand, four lighted tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, two horseshoe pits, playground equipment, picnic tables, and grills. People with disabilities can use a chair lift to get into the pool.

After roofing Windmill Pointe Park, you can also find the Lavins Activity Center and the Tompkins Community Center. Parties, receptions, baby showers, and other events can be held at the Tompkins Community Center. The Okulski Family Theater, the Carol C. Schaap Theater, the Meade Fitness Center, and the Golden Family Gym are all in the Lavins Activity Center.

General Park Guidelines

Dogs aren’t allowed in parks, unless they’re on a boat, in which case they have to be on a leash. The City Code says in Section 17-32: “Dogs are not allowed. There will be no dogs allowed in either park.”
No loud music
You can’t use rollerblades in the parks.
No fires allowed
No liquor (beer in cans permitted to those of age)
Only in certain places is fishing allowed (main fishing pier on lakeside)
The lake is not a place to swim.
At Patterson Park, you can’t ride bikes on the boardwalk.
No bottles made of glass

Windmill Pointe Park is where the Department of Parks and Recreation is based. Chad Craig, who is in charge of Parks and Recreation, and his team work all year to make sure that both of our City parks are nice places to go.

When we are not roofing Windmill Pointe Park, it is at located at the corner of Barrington Road and 14920 Windmill Pointe Dr. in Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230.

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