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Detroit Roofers has been putting roofs on homes and businesses in Warren for a long time. The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. It can both add value to your home and keep you dry in bad weather. There are many reasons to work with our roofing contractors in Warren, MI. They are experts in all kinds of roofing needs, such as repair and replacement. We know how to take care of roofs so that they last for a long time.

We are the best at what we do in the Metro Detroit area. We give you the best ways to protect your home or business from the weather. When it comes to roofing services in Warren, Michigan, there are many companies to choose from. However, if you want a reputable company that does great work, you don’t have to look any further than Detroit Roofers. Our experts can do almost anything, and they can help you with any service you may need on your properties, like repairs, skylights, or even preventing ice dams. You might think we’re expensive, but the fact that we use high-quality materials that last longer and help keep your home safe for many years makes it worth it. Call us right now if you want the best company that will meet all your needs!


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Commercial Roofing

For the safety and security of your Warren, MI building, it is important to hire the best roofing services. You can be sure that your roof will be put on and taken care of as properly as it can be.

Roof Repair

We save the people of Warren hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by finding roof problems early, fixing them before they get worse, and preventing mildew and foundation damage.

Gutter Installation

The protection of your home from adverse weather conditions is significantly enhanced by the installation of gutters. The gutters on a great number of homes in Warren were installed by our roofing firm.

Additional Services

Roofing Companies Warren Mi

We are professionals in roofs, roof replacement, and roof repair at Detroit Roofers. Because we are fully licensed and insured, you can rest assured that the work performed on your home will not only be excellent, but also safe. In addition, we are skilled at making sure that our clients are satisfied and that every job is completed correctly the first time.

People in our community can turn to us for a variety of roofing services. Discuss with our roofing specialists in Warren the type of roof that would work best for your home or company. Call us immediately if you need your roof repaired or replaced and live in Warren or one of the other areas we cover.

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We use only the best brand of roofing products available.


Our Detroit Roofers are licensed and insured.

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Our crew is always competent about the newest roofing methods.

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We can be available to perform our roofing services in your time of need.

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When you've got a roofing issue you can rest assure that we are going to answer.

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We're proud of our work and we stand by that.

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Vincent Welch
Vincent Welch
During the lockdown, we chose to get a new roof and gutters. We went with Detroit Roofers, even though their quote was a bit higher, because they were really clear about the materials and the high standard of work they promised. Totally worth it and we're really happy with the result. Just last week, during a huge rainstorm, we noticed a leak from one of the gutters. We got in touch with them, and David from their team came by today. He's awesome, really cares about his work and the reputation of Detroit Roofers. We've recommended them before and we'll do it again – top-notch quality all the way.
Erica Porter Porter
Erica Porter Porter
The owners are really approachable and know their stuff. Everything went super smoothly, and they were cool with fixing our roof while we were away, which was a huge help. Really enjoyed dealing with them. They're quick, do a great job, and it's awesome that they're a local family-run business. Definitely recommend them.
Don Maccalister
Don Maccalister
We reached out to several roofing companies for quotes, but Detroit Roofers was the only one that got back to us quickly. We really valued their clear communication and the quality of their work. I'd definitely suggest them for any roofing projects. Plus, they completed our job sooner than expected.
Dominique Gilmore
Dominique Gilmore
Detroit Roofers just came by to give us an estimate after a branch made a hole in our roof. David showed up a bit early, super professional, and said he'd give us a couple of options to consider. But what really impressed me was that he went the extra mile by finding some temporary materials in his truck to cover the hole better than our makeshift trash bag solution. This kind of effort has us leaning towards choosing them, no matter the cost. It's clear they value quality, and that's the kind of service that earns loyalty.
Exclusive Duo
Exclusive Duo
Our office got a new roof by Detroit Roofers and we're all impressed. It’s no longer leaking all over the place and it’s a safer work environment. Their commercial roofing service is solid and professional. Highly recommended!
I was dreading the whole roof repair process, but Detroit Roofers made it so easy. Really glad I chose them. After getting a few quotes, went with Detroit Roofers for our asphalt roofing repair. Best decision ever. The roof looks fantastic.
D Raven
D Raven
Excellent service, very professional. Needed a new roof and went with Detroit Roofers. Best decision ever! They were on time, friendly, and my new roof looks great.
Brittani Dade
Brittani Dade
I had a leak and called Detroit Roofers for a repair. They fixed it so fast and were really nice about it too. I highly recommend them!
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About Warren Mi

Warren is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is in the county of Macomb. The 2020 Census says that there are 139,387 people living in Warren. This makes it the largest city in Macomb County, the third largest city in Michigan, and the largest suburb of Metro Detroit. There are many different kinds of businesses in the city, such as the General Motors Technical Center and the US Army Detroit Arsenal.

Charles Groesbeck was the first person to live in Beebe’s Corners, which was the first settlement in what would become the city of Warren. It was built in 1830 at the corner of Mound Road and Chicago Road. Beebe’s Corners was a stop for horses and carriages on the way from Detroit to Utica. It had a distillery, a mill, a tavern, and a trading post. Around the settlement, the now-defunct Warren Township was formed in 1837. At first, it was called Hickory, then it was called Aba, and then it was called Warren shortly after. It was named after Rev. Abel Warren, who served in the War of 1812 and was a minister on the frontier.

On April 28, 1893, one square mile of land north of 14 Mile Road, south of 13 Mile Road, and half a mile east and west of Mound Road was made into the Village of Warren. Before that, the settlement was part of Warren Township. The small village grew slowly, from 582 people in 1940 to 727 people in 1950, while the bigger township around it grew much faster. Much of this growth was caused by the building of the Chrysler’s Truck Assembly plant in 1938, the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant in 1940 to help the war effort, and the General Motors Technical Center between 1949 and 1956.

The Village of Warren and most of the surrounding Township of Warren, along with Van Dyke, became a city in 1957. The city of Center Line, which had been part of Warren Township, had already become a city in 1925 as a village and again in 1936 as a city. From 1950 to 1960, the number of people living in Warren went from 42,653 to 89,426. This population growth was mostly caused by the Baby Boom after World War II and, later, by white people moving away from its southern neighbor, Detroit, in the 1960s. This change in population continued into the next decade, when the city’s population doubled again, reaching a peak of 179,000 people in 1970.

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